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About Us

Acorn Veterinary Hospital is a practice that sets high standards. We believe that every pet deserves an excellent standard of care for their health and welfare at an affordable price. As pet owners ourselves, we are fully aware that pets are important and valued members of the family. As a result, we firmly believe that any recommendations we give to our clients would be the same advice that we follow ourselves.

We are strong advocates of providing the best possible treatment for your animal. However, we appreciate that there can be different ways to treat a disease and so will always offer you the range of options available and discuss thoroughly each choice with you to aid you make an informed decision.

We are proud that we have strong ethical views and as a result, will never offer any advice or treatment for financial gain. We choose to use treatments and medication that are proven to work and not because we have been influenced by the marketing and advertising of medical and pharmaceutical companies. We highly value and are appreciative of the trust you as pet owners place in us as veterinarians. We therefore always provide you with the best care for your animals.

Our hospital team is professional, highly qualified and personable. We aim to provide a high quality veterinary service which is accessible to all pets. Continuity of care and a strong veterinary-client relationship is necessary for successful care and treatment of a pet. At Acorn Veterinary Hospital, we can guarantee that you will regularly see the same veterinarians and nurses, who will be familiar with your pet’s health, as opposed to seeing different people each time you visit.

We have worked closely with animal charities over the years and are proud of the reputation we have developed with these organizations. A large percentage of our caseload involves dealing many of these homeless animals and helping them to be healthy and find new homes.

We regularly attend veterinary conferences and workshops, as well as subscribing to many veterinary organizations and journals, to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of veterinary medicine and surgery.

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The Team


Dr Tony Matthews

Veterinary Surgeon (Partner)


Dr Andrea Chan

Veterinary Surgeon


Hailey Wong

Assistant Practice Manager


Sabrina Li

Veterinary Assistant


Evy Ho

Veterinary Assistant


Leo Cho

Veterinary Assistant


Dr. Andy Krywawych

Veterinary Surgeon (Partner)


Dr Cheng Ming Wei

Veterinary Surgeon


Monita Fok

Senior Veterinary Assistant


Emily Cheng

Customer Service


Hilary Wong

Veterinary Assistant


Dr Joseph Atkins

Veterinary Surgeon


Ray Tung

Practice Manager & Head Nurse


Eagle Wai

Veterinary Assistant


Winki Liu

Veterinary Assistant


Samuel Chan

Veterinary Assistant

Our Team
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