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  • Consultations
    We accept both first opinion and referral consultations (and surgeries). Consultations can be for a particular ailment in your pet, a regular health check or vaccination. Often animals can exhibit subtle changes indicating disease that can go easily un-noticed. We recommend that your pet should be thoroughly examined at least annually by a vet to help identify any problems before they are allowed to progress and develop into potentially more serious diseases. Normally, an annual health check will coincide with your pet’s annual vaccination. We are happy to accept referrals from other veterinarians. In these cases, we at all times will maintain close contact and dialogue with your regular vet to ensure continuity of care. We will also send you back to your referring veterinary clinic for any future treatment and follow up care.
  • Surgery and Anaesthesia
    Acorn Veterinary Hospital offers a full range of surgical services ranging from basic de-sexing operations to more advanced procedures. We have specialized equipment and facilities to deal with complicated soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. In addition to this, our veterinary surgeons have both the experience and training to perform many new and technically challenging procedures. We treat each patient as an individual and will recommend the safest way to proceed with anaesthesia. This may involve using a different anaesthetic agent dependent on your pet’s health. We also may recommend using intravenous fluids during a general anaesthetic to make the procedure safer by maintaining blood pressure (and therefore blood flow around the body), allowing instant access to the blood stream (to administer drugs) and to help flush any anaesthetic agents out of the body quickly following the end of surgery. It may also sometimes be advisable to perform a blood test prior to giving any general anaesthetic to ensure your pet is healthy enough internally or to aid us to tailor-make a safer anaesthetic regime for your animal. During any anaesthetic, your pet will be closely observed by trained staff with the aid of advanced monitoring equipment.
  • Laboratory
    We have our own well-equipped laboratory allowing us to provide you with both rapid and reliable results for testing of the blood (biochemistry, electrolytes, blood cell counts and infectious disease), skin, urine and faecal tests. Sometimes, your pet may need a specific test such as analysis of a tissue for cancer. In these cases, we send them to specialized laboratories, both locally and overseas, to ensure an accurate diagnosis.
  • Digital radiography (X-Ray)
    We have a modern digital x-ray system, which utilizes a computer and digital x-ray detector to produce superior radiographic images. The diagnostic quality of the x-rays is second to none, allowing to us to diagnose the most subtle changes in your pet. An additional benefit is that less x-rays are needed to take a digital image meaning your pet will be exposed to less radiation.
  • Dentistry
    Dental disease is common in pets and your pet’s teeth need as much care and attention as your own. Regular health checks with the veterinarian will allow prompt diagnosis of dental disease. Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and plaque on the teeth can lead to pain, inappetance, infection and tooth loss. There is a correlation between dental disease and other more serious diseases like heart and kidney disease. We use radiography, ultrasonic de-scalers (to break down dental plaque), polishers and occasionally drills to keep your pet’s mouth fresh and more importantly, healthy.
  • Ultrasonography
    This allows us to non-invasively visualize the deep structures within your pet’s body. Our vets are trained to examine the different organs mainly within the chest and abdomen, allowing us to diagnose diseases early and manage them promptly whereas previously, they may have been left undetected until it was too late for intervention.
  • Hospitalisation
    We provide both hygienic and comfortable surroundings for any hospitalized animal. There is no direct contact between the animals in the hospital to minimize risk of any infection spreading. We also have separate wards for cats, small animals and those pets recovering from a surgical procedure to ensure peace and minimal stress from any un-necessary sounds and smells that other more threatening animals may cause. Animals being given intravenous fluids will have the fluid administered by infusion pumps, which can accurately control the fluid flow and even warm up the fluids when required for hypothermic animals. We also are able to provide continuous flow of oxygen to those pets that may have breathing difficulties. We also guarantee that your pets will be closely monitored during their stay in the hospital. We often will pamper them as much as possible to ensure a comfortable and less stressful boarding, as we know that this will help them to recover more swiftly.
  • Fully equipped shop and pharmacy
    Our hospital has a wide range of pet accessories, food, medications, health supplements, bedding and toys available. If you require a particular product for your pet, please feel free to ask if we stock it. We are always happy to listen to our clients’ feedback and if you have experience of something useful or beneficial to your pet, we are happy to listen your recommendations and share that information with others.
  • Euthanasia and cremation
    Sadly, many pets do not live as long as humans do and there may come a time when we must let them go to minimize any un-necessary pain or suffering. We will help to give them a peaceful and dignified farewell when that time comes. We will also be able to assist in arranging a suitable cremation service.
  • Emergency Services
    We understand that your pet doesn’t choose when they become ill and occasionally, you may require veterinary attention immediately regardless of the hour. Whilst we are open daily throughout the year, unfortunately we regret to say that we do not currently provide consultations outside of normal working hours. However, we are happy to recommend an alternative clinic that can provide emergency veterinary assistance overnight.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan) & Computer Topography (CT scan)
    Occasionally, your pet may require advanced diagnostics such as an MRI or CT scan to aid in the diagnosis of brain, spinal or more challenging diseases. We have full access to these important imaging modalities and are happy to offer them when necessary.
  • Chemotherapy
    For certain cancers and tumours, we may need to use anti-cancer drugs to control the spread of malignant cells and therefore, improve the remission rates and extend your pet’s life. Fortunately, many of the negative consequences associated with use of these treatment modalities in the human field are not experienced in the veterinary field.
  • Other Services
    We are in contact with many overseas specialists (from UK, USA and Australia) and therefore are able to ask for their advice or assistance in very complicated cases for the benefit of your pet. Our hospital system is fully computerized ensuring that your pet’s medical records are secure, easy to access and up-to-date.
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